Saturday, January 9, 2010


Back in the summer I started hearing buzz about a new comic book called Chew. It was from Image and it was selling out of its printings. I tried to get some later printings but it was impossible. I used an early Christmas B&N gift card to pick up the very affordable ($9.99) first trade, Chew Vol. 1: Taster's Choice.

Tony Chu is a cibopath. That means that he gets impression from whatever he eats, from where it was grown to when it was picked and so on. If he gnaws on flesh, he can find out things about that person. Why would he eat flesh? Well, he works as an FDA agent and sometimes it's helpful. Did I mention that this takes place in a world where the FDA is all-powerful because bird flu killed a lot of people and chicken can only be purchased on the black market? Yeah, there's a lot going on and I haven't even mentioned his erudite cibopathic partner Mason Savoy or Amelia Mintz, a saboscrivner (which means she can write about food and make the readers taste it) who Tony falls for.

John Layman (writer) and Rob Guillory (artist) have created a comic that is original, funny, gross, and interesting. After the events of the last issue in the trade (#5), I can't wait for the next collection to see where things go.

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