Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Shuffle #166

Doing the shuffle the other day made me remember how much I like doing one every Sunday. My Sundays don't feel complete otherwise (watching The Sports Reporters and reading the "What Are You Reading?" post over at Robot 6 are the other two traditions), so I'm going to get back to them. It'll take a long time before any songs get to double digits but whatever. So once again, the Sunday Shuffle...

1. I Wanna Know Girls/Portastatic (1)
2. Cavalry/Pela (1)
3. Cold Snap/Harvey Danger (1)
4. Rake/Steve Earle (1)
5. Valerie/Crooked Fingers (1)
6. Oliver James/Fleet Foxes (1)
7. Sweet Tooth/King Khan And The Shrines (1)
8. Claws Tracking/Spoon (1)
9. The Mercy Wheel/A.A. Bondy (3)
10. Whitey Hands/Saturday Looks Good To Me (1)

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