Friday, September 11, 2009

Music Downs and Ups

For someone who loves music as much as I do, this week has been a bit of a failure. I don't have a few hundred bucks to spend on the stereo remasters Beatles box set; what's more, I haven't even gotten a single one of the individual releases. I did, however, read the reviews on Pitchfork and Popdose...which is as close as I'll come to listening to them until maybe Christmas. That hasn't stopped me doing my own small part to contribute to this latest round of Beatlemania by breaking out Magical Mystery Tour and The White Album for car listening this week.

I also haven't managed to pick up Popular Songs, the latest from Yo La Tengo. I'm still pretty new to my fandom of the band but it's reached a level that I wanted to own the new one right away. However, it's not yet available on eMusic and if it will be soon (and I hope so), I'd rather wait than pick up a physical copy right now.

So what have I been listening to instead this past week besides The Beatles? The new Two Hours Traffic, Jason Isbell, Patterson Hood, A.A. Bondy, Destroyer, Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel, The Decemberists, Teenage Fanclub, and...Yo La Tengo. Can't complain about any of that.

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